A.P. Automation Group

Swimming pools, SPA & Wellness, water parks, Fountains, irrigation systems


A.P. Automation Group is a reality that develops the highest technology available in the aquatic environment. The company has developed along two main lines, with a single philosophy of work but with very different goals.

The two brands created by A.P. Automation Group are: H2O Technology: designs and manufactures software and hardware integration systems related to the world of swimming pools and wellness centers. Green Rain: offers professional solutions related to the irrigation world, both for parks and gardens as well as for farmland.

Our goal is to provide easy and intuitive water management to people, with customized solutions for every need.

A.P. Automation H2O Technology

Hardware and software for Swimming Pools, SPA & Wellness, water parks, fountains


A.P. Automation Green Rain

Automatic irrigation systems for large parks, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards, farmland


  • Functionality, effectiveness, and savings

    A.P. Automation designs and manufactures software and hardware solutions according to the needs of its customers.

    This is why we are urged to offer water management integration systems that respect certain points of our philosophy: the functionality of our solutions goes hand in hand with the high technology, savings and simplicity of the water, interface.

  • Innovation, research, development

    A.P. Automation is very active in the research, innovation and development of state-of-the-art software integration systems.

    We are confronted with international realities to improve our solutions every day and to propose to our Customers increasingly efficient and functional systems for water management in commercial and industrial applications.

Dive into our technology for a better water management

What do we do

  • Custom software

    Custom Software

    Designed and customized for the needs of the customer, they allow high efficiency, energy savings and integration with existing systems.

    Remote control

    Remote control

    Comfort in one touch: schedule the scenery of your pool or SPA from your tablet or smartphone, anywhere and moment.

    Hardware supply

    Hardware supply

    High-quality electrical panels and systems, with high-strength and high-quality materials, to always have the maximum efficiency and the least waste from your plant.

  • Modernization of plants

    Modernization of plants

    Save time and money by simply updating some existing system components, gaining efficiency and quality.

    Feasibility studies and consultancy

    Feasibility studies and consultancy

    We evaluate and analyze each situation to offer you the most effective solution to increase efficiency in pools, SPAs, spas, irrigation systems.

    Technical assistance and training

    Technical assistance and training

    We never let our customers walk by providing them with all the assistance they need and all the know-how to manage their plant in full autonomy.

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