SYSTEM WAVE: a single system for pools

Not a bulky in your technical room, but a single system protected by a stainless steel case AISI 316L.

System Wave is equipped with
touch Screen 10 “ with customizable graphics,
new generation control unit for water treatment and part of electronic control,
quick couplers.

System Wave allows easy management of swimming pools and SPA & Wellness
System Wave, central unit for pools

Main functions

Main features

AISI 316L stainless steel case

Forced ventilation of the electronics and water treatment

mechanical separation of internal compartments

Connectors anti rapid corrosion

Remote control with your smartphone, tablet or PC

Water Treatment System

Control and alarm H2O loss from the plant

Status of consumable products Control

Display main values, cl and ph

Communication with industrial protocol

The type and the solution of the water treatment system is designed from time to time, depending on the type of installation

Electronic System Integration

10-inch touch screen with customizable graphics

Micro processor with remote control

Industrial components

Pump control with operating hours and calculating changes in flow rates

On / Off lighting control

Temperature measurement in out water and air

6-way solenoid valve

Monitoring and maintaining level H2O

Control waterworks

Our software for pools

Water Automation Design

Dolphin software for pools

Dolphin is a graphical interface for swimming pools, designed to create a unique control system.
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Lifeguard software for pools

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Swimming pools hardware

System Wave for pools

System Wave allows easy management of swimming pools and SPA & Wellness
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DD Transfer

The new concept of connection
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Swimming pools hardware

Consulting, design, implementation

We offer our customers standard and customized solutions, based on their specific requests.

Comfort in a touch...

All products A.P. Automation can be customized in their entirety , for all your needs.

Many solutions for the complete water management that combine in a harmonic way simplicity of operation, design and technology.

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