The pool is playing, harmony, elegance, design and wellness

A.P. Automation has created a line of products for individual and professional users, allowing a simple and technological management of your pool

Simply, remove from the smartphone pocket to surprise the guests with water games and light.

Nothing has ever been easy, with low cost of installation and maintenance.
Swimmung pools software

Everything will become extremely simple, intuitive and elegant...

Management of the pool for private and professional use.

Standard management systems and customized systems according to your actual need.

Intuitive graphical interface and easy to program .

All the convenience... in a touch of your fingers!

Our software for pools

Water Automation Design

Dolphin software for pools

Dolphin is a graphical interface for swimming pools, designed to create a unique control system.
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Swimming pools software

Lifeguard software for pools

Lifeguard is a control unit that can automate any kind of pre-existing system.
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Swimming pools hardware

Sailor software for pools

The professional helper for real sailors! Sailor is the older sister of Lifeguard, for the control and management of each component of your pool.
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Swimming pools hardware

System Wave for pools

System Wave allows easy management of swimming pools and SPA & Wellness
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Swimming pools hardware

DD Transfer

The new concept of connection
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Swimming pools hardware

The advantages of our software for pools

Easy to use and 100% reliable