HI-DIAMOND: the idea and the solution

HI-DIAMOND is the complete intelligent middle of everything necessary to ensure maximum efficiency of a system.

It is a product that is made ​​with a well- planned project, and this allows us to "draw" in the best way.

With Hi-Diamond, A.P. Automation wanted to highlight their skills, to give the installer and the end user a confidence and serenity in the brand.

Housed in a stainless steel cabinet, Hi - Diamond can be washed without any problem with high pressure machines.

Hi-Diamond, centrale per SPA & Wellness

Hi-Diamond, centrale per SPA & Wellness
There is no operation that Hi-Diamond does not run!

HI-DIAMOND the main unit of production A.P. Automation, and therefore has all the features found on the smallest Hi-Stone unit except to implement all what are the needs and requirements of each individual user.

Hi-Diamond is ideal for medium and large wellness, managing to optimize the management of the plant in the most simple and effective way.

The complete central for a higher yield

Hi-Diamond allows execution of specific and customized operations, thereby satisfying all the requirements of users with maximum efficiency.

Our software for SPA & Wellness

Water Automation Design

Harmony software for SPA

This software allows daily query the system to receive any type of information.
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Software for SPA & Wellness


To automate your Wellness Center with systems already installed.
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Hardware for SPA & Wellness

Hi-Diamond for SPA

The complete intelligent central to everything to ensure maximum efficiency of a system.
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Hardware for SPA & Wellness

System Wave for pools

System Wave allows easy management of swimming pools and SPA & Wellness
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SPA & Wellness hardware

DD Transfer

The new concept of connection
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SPA & Wellness hardware

Comfort in a touch...

All products A.P. Automation can be customized in their entirety , for all your needs.

Many solutions for the complete water management that combine in a harmonic way simplicity of operation, design and technology.

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