Easy Park, the software for the management of acquatic parks

An absolute novelty in the world of water, Easy Park is a platform created and designed to facilitate the management of water parks - even with dimensions of tens of hectares.

Made with touch screen graphic panels and an Ethernet communication protocol, it allows from a single point control of dozens of plants that work simultaneously, thus having a time frame available for intervention and reduced consumption by 50% compared to traditional systems.

Working with Easy Park will be easy and fun... like being guests in the park!
Software for water parks

Main features of Easy Park

Automated energy consumption control and H2O

Trend graphs for each connected junction

Display and programming of the water treatment

Alarm display in real-time and remote devices

Programming schedules facilitated (pumps, lights, water features )

Lighting effects programming (White, RGB, Onecolour)

Management temperatures also with heat pumps for each user

i-People, ways to reduce the powers of the pumps according to the people present

i-Vision, real-time control of the surveillance system in the park

Control of every single user account with tablet maintainers

Tele - care and assisted Maintenance

Technical documents for the always available in the devices maintenance

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