DOLPHIN: comfort in a touch

DOLPHIN is a graphical interface for swimming pools designed by A.P. Automation to create a unique control system.

Studied as a custom product - for every customer requirement - it can be customized in all its parts.

Dolphin gives you the pleasure of controlling the entire system from mobile devices , even while spending a few days at 2,000 km away!

The software, coupled with the central LIFEGUARD e SAILOR, enables the complete control of many controls for your pool.

Dolphin, software for pools
Software for pools

Dophin is an excellent solution for the automation of private swimming pools , or pools of commercial structures like hotels, SPA & Wellness.

The intuitive interface makes it a simple and immediate tool for remote management of water via tablet or smartphone.

Main features

Control bath lighting

Pump control

Inverter control

Water temperature control

Water level control

Control pH values ​​and chlorine

Control assays and filtration

Control waterworks

Control energy consumption

Scenario programming

Sound system management

Control opening-closing shutter

Remote interface with tablet or smartphone

Supervisor in the local technical real-time with relative alarms

Video surveillance and pool equipment room

Messaging and GSM commands

Consulting, design, implementation

We offer our customers standard and customized solutions, based on their specific requests.

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Dolphin is a graphical interface for swimming pools, designed to create a unique control system.
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